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Knockout Training Club

Knockout Training Club is a women's only strength + conditioning and boxing group training gym. They provide women with a supportive, non judgmental community, and an effective, safe and fun way to train in order to help them feel and look better. Knockout empowers women to be strong and healthy on their own terms through focused, effective training.

To make BKSTRENGTH stand out, we started with a simple type treatment for his logo, emphasizing STRENGTH more so than BK since Brian always puts his clients' and their goals above all else. 

Next, we added a website to show off his broad range of clientele, specifically focusing on their success stories. Every client is tagged with a unique combination of reasons they work with Brian — some clients want to add muscle and get stronger, others use sessions with Brian to de-stress or lose weight. 

In addition to these testimonials, we documented Brian's athletic history to help people understand how his past has turned him into the trainer he is today. A custom timeline shows his evolution from a two-sport athlete in high school to a professional baseball player with the Chicago White Sox at spring training. 

The last feature we added to the site was a blog, titled BKVIS. Latin for “strength,” VIS gives Brian an outlet to track his experiences and motivations, as well as give him a reason to use his degree in English.

After the website launched, Brian was approached by Nike to be a trainer in the #TrainChicago program. Nike asked all trainers to be active on social media and ambassadors of the brand and program. We chose Instagram for BKSTRENGTH and use the platform to post photos and videos from Nike workouts and client training sessions, as well as motivational quotes, BKVIS blog post shout outs and funny tidbits from Brian's personal life. 

To see the full website, please visit BKSTRENGTH.COM
And follow the BKSTRENGTH journey on instagram.