Modern + Romantic Rose Gold Foil Wedding Suite

Design, paper selection,  foil stamping, edge coloring + printing

Jessica + Jeremy wanted whimsical but sleek wedding invitations for their big day. They chose warm white, black, blush and rose gold for their wedding colors but didn't want the look to be overly feminine. To keep the look modern and less girly, we chose to mix both sans and serif typography, using rose gold foil to stamp everything on beautiful, cotton paper.

Jessica originally thought she'd like letterpress invitations since she loves the texture of the paper, but once I showed her the rose gold foil, she was sold. To keep the look luxurious + romantic, we used a letterpress stock — a super thick, warm white, cotton paper and we duplexed it so when it was edge colored in the matching rose gold paint, the edges really stood out. 

To add a touch of color, we used blush cotton envelopes but kept it modern and more neutral with black typography. 

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