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Hello Gypsy is a creative design studio

We specialize in logo design, brand development, and web design for clients who choose to go against the grain. Our goal is to create thoughtful and beautiful work that aligns so perfectly with your business that it feels like it's been that way from the start.

We love building brands

Our Services Include

Logo Design
Branding and Strategy
Print Collateral
Web Design
Social Media
Petting Dogs

We think design should be thoughtful, practical, and beautiful. 

We want our work to look like something you expect, but we like to do it in an unexpected way. Hello Gypsy always aims for a natural fit β€” nothing forced or overly designed. We live for those "ahh, this is perfect!" moments. 

And we work mostly with small businesses

We love clients who challenge the status quo, take big risks, and think differently. If you find yourself in a sea of sameness and want to go against the grain, we would love to team up on your next project. Bonus points if you're crazy dog people like us.



Let's work together

Are you ready to tell your business's story with creative and strategic design, in order to attract your ideal customer? Hello Gypsy is accepting passionate new clients, who are ready to invest in their business, and build their brand.


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