With a brand new storefront location, Green Shirt Studio needed a rebrand: a new logo that expressed accessible, high-quality actor training at an affordable price, along with brand cohesion throughout their materials.

Creative Director: Alison Sustarich at Tiny Bold Creative

*This project was a collaboration with Tiny Bold Creative and was designed and concepted for their client.

Pulling away from the current look and feel, we delivered a logo that is slightly edgy and hip, but also professional and strong; the right balance to tell current and potential students that they are a serious school, yet one with an artistic sense of being.

This update is a bold, modern and refined nod to the talk bubbles in their original logo. The fun, cut off shape helps identify the tone of the studio and they no longer look like a t-shirt company — instead Green Shirt Studio is here to say something. 

Additionally, the speech bubble shape is used as a framing device and can point to a signifier or to the storefront itself.


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