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Photographer Rob Rosone left his day job to pursue his passion for photography and needed a brand name + identity for his new business. We set out to create a brand that represented who he is as a person and focused on options that represented three key attributes: Modern, Artsy and Quirky. We wanted his website visitors and the people he meets at art fairs to feel like the branding matched the man behind the lens.

Copywriter: Nic Flaws

Before the design work could begin, we needed to create a brand name for photographer Rob Rosone. We explored several options but landed on using an abstract version of the client's name and services. The name Rofoto is both memorable and fun. It lends itself to being easily found, it site searches and is easy to type. It also ties in to his Italian heritage by being a variation of the Italian word for photography (fotografia).

This makes the name unique to him and perhaps a fun story for him to tell people he meets ­— which again makes it memorable.

The logo uses clean and simple typography, yet has a hint of quirkiness with the lowercase "f."  This little touch of fun aligns with the business name and client's personality. And, to keep the focus on the client's photography, we stuck with neutral and modern colors, adding just a hint of bright orange for a fun pop.


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