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After deciding to open a studio space, personal trainer Telia Fennerson needed a new business name and brand identity. She wanted a name + logo that expressed high-intensity training at a fun and modern studio, along with brand cohesion throughout her materials.

This project was a collaboration with Tiny Bold Creative and was designed and concepted for their client.

Creative Director: Alison Sustarich at Tiny Bold Creative
Copywriter: Nic Flaws

To begin, we needed a brand name that would stand apart from local competition. We created MOX Fitness — a derivative of the word “moxie” meaning grit or courage. MOX suggests the strength and vigor needed to attain one’s fitness goals and has a subtle nod to the word “max,” creating a feeling of pure achievement. It also has a fun and unique vibe that aligns with Telia's energetic training style and personality.

Once the name was in place, the design work began. Pulling away from the original, in-home personal training business look + feel, we delivered a logo that is modern and energetic to show that MOX is the perfect place for courageous, passionate and inspired clients to train.

The logo mark for MOX Fitness was inspired by MOX clients — the men and women who are looking to get stronger and push their bodies to the max. Of course, being physically fit is not easy. If it were, everyone would be able to do it. Instead, it’s hard and intense, there are ups and downs... but the key to success is to keep going and trying no matter what. This idea of ups and downs and personal struggle inspired the geometric mark featuring strong angled type to represent the movement and vigor needed to attain fitness goals during workouts.

The hero color, cobalt blue, was chosen since it is bright, modern, energetic and fun. But, since blue also evokes a sense of serenity, we related that feeling of inner peace to the idea of “owning your fitness” and reflecting upon yourself and fitness goals. Vibrant chartreuse was added as an electric accent to help inspire clients to get their bodies moving, while also keeping the brand gender neutral + stylish when paired with both light and charcoal greys. 

The tagline, "be fearlessly fit," was written to describe how we wanted MOX clients to feel after a training session or group class. We want everyone who comes to MOX to feel strong, fit and fearless after their workout.

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