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Up and coming country music artist Lacy Cavalier has mastered the art of staying true to her roots while following her dreams. She's not your stereotypical country girl — yes, she grew up in a small town in Louisiana, but she's also made large cities like Los Angeles and Nashville her home.  

Lacy's personality and style seamlessly combine her more rustic Cajun background with her experiences in sophisticated, urban cities. Inspired by this unique combination, and her new music, we developed the look + feel for her album release and tour merchandise.

Our goal for this project was to design cool album art and fun t-shirts + accessories that looked like normal, every day clothing. We wanted to avoid the typical concert merchandise style and not plaster everything with Lacy's name or face. Instead, we focused on a design style that balanced trendy + bold with clean + simple — pulling inspiration from graphic tees in stores like Forever 21.

Even though the target audience leans female, we didn't want the designs to be overly feminine — instead, a mix of edgy + rustic. 

We chose a bold brush script to keep it wild, messy and fun. Something loose, rough and a little in your face — not fussy or delicate, but still slightly feminine. For contrast, we paired the bold script with clean and handwritten condensed sans serifs.

Using these type treatments, we created new logos, iTunes album art, social media posts, tour t-shirts + koozies, plus free prints Lacy could autograph with quotes from her new songs to give away at shows. We also used these prints to remind fans to follow her on social media and visit her website to stay up to date on her tour schedule and new music releases.

To learn more about Lacy Cavalier and her music, follow her exciting journey on Facebook or Instagram.

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