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Bridget Dickey is a versatile designer whose work spans both costume and fashion — from musical performance, dance and theater to independent designers, major brands, custom clients and photo shoots. She has a strong background in fashion and has developed a keen eye for color, pattern and texture. Plus, if you ask her, an obsession with fabric and garment construction. 

Since Bridget recently moved to LA to pursue her dreams of costume work in film + TV, she needed a logo and brand identity that was true to her design sense and also hip + professional to make her stand out and impress new clients.

The goal for this project was to create a funky + vintage, yet modern brand identity. We wanted the brand to represent all of Bridget's favorite vintage styles, so we pulled ideas from mid century atomic design, vintage Vegas showgirl costumes and the original Barbie doll packaging. 

When Bridget told me that Barbie dolls and her Barbie fashion computer game inspired her to be a designer at an early age, I knew we had to create a connection between the brands. By choosing the right script for her logo, not only do we honor the vintage Barbie "B," but we also show the playful and fun side of Bridget's designs and personality.

We also added elements of Bridget's personal style by including her love of a bright + bold lip, as well as fun, vintage glasses. A girl after my own heart, once Bridget started wearing her glasses, she replaced most of her eye makeup with vintage frames and also started experimenting with pink or purple lipstick. Her love of lips seamlessly carries over to her sketches, where the figures she draws tend to be faceless, with the exception of big, bold lips.

We used all these ideas to design a collection of custom patterns for the back of her business cards. Now, the Bridget Dickey brand is a playful mix of  bold + modern design that honors it's vintage roots.  

To learn more about Bridget Dickey and her fashion, costume + textile work, follow her exciting journey on Instagram or visit her website to see her portfolio.

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